• 10Jan

    Erste Homebrews auf der PS Vita

    Wieder frische Entwicklungen in der Homebrew Szene der jüngst veröffentlichten PS Vita. Nachdem der Hacker Wololo seinen Exploit bereits auf der PS Vita zum Laufen bekommen hat, gibt er nun ein erstes Video frei und veröffentlicht die Nachricht das bereits 12 aktuelle Homebrew Anwendungen mittels seines Exploits auf der PS Vita laufen. Alle laufen über eine jetzte angepasste Version seines Half-Byte Loaders. Wir können gespannt sein ob diese Entwicklungen auch für den europäischen Start nächsten Monat zur Verfügung stehen, oder ob Sony bereits zum Release eine angepasste Firmware installieren wird.

    Folgende Homebrews hat er bereits zum Laufen bekommen:

    • SNES9xTYL
    • Bookr
    • CSPSP
    • T.O.M.E.
    • EmuMaster
    • Zombie Crisis
    • Wagic
    • Cavestory
    • Picodrive
    • Spider solitaire
    • ScummVM
    • Daedalus (not DaedalusX64)
    • FCEU-PSP

    In the past days I stabilized HBL for Teck4′s exploit and got some major homebrews to work. In the video below I’m showing a few homebrews running on the PS Vita. I also included Picodrive again to show that fixing the sound issue is relatively easy as it is just a setting in the emulator. Check the video below.

     You can see in this video snes9xTYL (super nes emulator), Bookr (pdf reader), CSPSP, T.O.M.E. (text mode rpg), EmuMaster (game boy emulator), Zombie Crisis (FPS), Wagic (which loads about 10 times faster than on a real PSP, this talks for the improved access speed of this new memory stick format), cavestory (platform/adventure), Picodrive (sega genesis emulator), Spider solitaire, ScummVM (point-and-click adventure), Daedalus (N64 emulator, this is not DaedalusX64), FCEU-PSP (Nes emulator). Those are more or less the homebrews I recommended to HBL users back when HBL was big.

    Missing from this video is (unfortunately) gpsp which I couldn’t get to run on the Vita, while it ran fine on the PSP. What I could see is that the emulator is more sensitive than the PSP when a thread that’s currently not running crashes. I think (not sure) that gpsp somehow crashes HBL. On the psp it usually means that once you quit gpsp, HBL crashes. On the vita it seems to crash as soon as gpsp does “something wrong” to hbl, which is roughly as soon as it loads.

    I got major homebrews to work, and now I’ll focus on reporting this to the EU and US version, which both need to be brought up to speed with these latest changes.

    From what I could see, syscall estimation basically doesn’t work (which is what JJS discovered a while ago when porting HBL to 6.60), which will limit the amount of homebrews that can be played with this exploit, but as you can see on the video, I got a few good ones to run already

    A message to haters who say I’m reusing other people’s work from the PSP scene and not contributing anything new: ask yourself who made it so easy to port HBL to new game exploits in the first place.



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